The Value of Genuine Followers: Personal and Brand Accounts

The Value of Genuine Followers: Personal and Brand Accounts 2

The Importance of Genuine Followers for Personal Accounts

Having a large number of followers on social media can be categorised as a form of social proof. This social proof works in favour of individuals and brands alike. In some cases, a large following can seem like a big deal, and it shows that there is a significant level of interest in an individual. However, the key is to have genuine followers that are not only interested but engaged. Instagram has recently clamped down on the prevalence of fake followers, which undoubtedly devalues the meaning behind having a large following. When potential employers or brands search through profiles, they want to see that they are investing in real people and not fake followers.

Genuine followers are not only valuable because they provide social proof, but they are also a stronger marketing tool. By having genuine followers, individuals and brands are setting themselves up for success, creating a loyal and engaged audience that is more likely to be influenced by their content than those who have a large following of faux fans. Genuine followers are also required if an individual wants to participate in influencer marketing, as brands are only willing to work with and pay for collaborations with true influencers with genuine followings. Learn more about the subject covered in this article by visiting the recommended external website. There, you’ll find additional details and a different approach to the topic. Check out this in-depth study.

Genuine followers provide an opportunity for individuals to grow both their personal and professional brands. They provide an authentic reflection that helps to build and maintain an individual’s reputation and credibility. Moreover, this credibility comes with the assurance that real people will be doing business with you or interested in your content.

The Importance of Genuine Followers for Brand Accounts

While personal accounts benefit from genuine followers, brand accounts do require a massive following if they want to make noise in the online world. However, a follow can be just a follow, and this devoid a brand of any fruitful use of the following numbers. The focus, thus, shifts from having a large following, to an engaged and loyal following. Similar to the heavy-handed approach Instagram has taken on fake followers, various platforms are taking measures to reduce the detrimental impact fake followers have on brands.

Genuine followers have the potential of generating more leads from social media than fake followers. An authentic following helps to build a more engaged audience that will interact with the brand and leave behind legitimate comments, share their content with others, and help bolster the brand’s reach. Sharing content creates a snowball effect of positive promotion for the brand and proves more fruitful than reaching thousands of fake accounts that do not interact with the brand.

A strong and genuine following has the power to champion a brand. Loyal followers will help to push your brand’s messages out more organically, and they will often turn into brand advocates. Brand advocates are individuals who will continually promote and stand by the brand because they have developed an emotional connection to its core values.

The Key to Genuine Followers

The key to genuine followers is simple – be authentic. If an individual’s content is authentic, their following will be. Similarly, brands must create original content that is consistent, do not fall for the temptation of posting generic posts just to generate numbers. The algorithm that filters content highly ranks valuable and original posts. It is why good content creators are all the more essential to any brand. Genuine followers lead to authentic engagement, and this in turn helps to build trust amongst prospective clientele and brand partners.

Beyond creating original content, an effective strategy is to engage with your following. The digital world may be void of physical interaction, but social media provides a platform for individuals and brands to connect with their followers. Setting time aside to interact with your followers leads to telling narratives that attract an authentic audience genuinely interested in your brand or you as a person. Investing into liking posts, commenting, answering direct messages, and following up with concerns and praise will grow a loyal following. Visit this external website to learn more about the subject. buy instagram followers!


The numbers game holds no value unless it is built on genuine followers. Whether it’s personal or brand accounts, focus on providing value through consistent, original content, and engage with your followers. Authentic connections with individuals build the foundation of an engaged and loyal following that proves useful in reaching more people, building trust, and securing business opportunities. Ultimately, authentic connections lead to real growth.

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